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About me and my passion

” I have found you … your arms are my home, where I belong, where I feel safe, where I can dream, where I dare to fly, but more so, where I dare to love. – Stefan Coetzee

I don’t just love photography, I love and have a passion for people – especially wedding couples. I do many other types / genres of commercial photography but wedding photography remain my favourite! Visit my commercial site? Click Stefan Coetzee Photographics.

My wedding couples have a very special place in my hearts and having done many weddings, I understand the importance of “YOUR BIG DAY”.

Having the ability to connect with people and making them feel comfortable also having professional-fun with them, along with my quality and various editing styles I can say with utmost confidence, I am sure to capture your special day with great ease.

We all have a story ... journey

A little more about my journey

I realised I enjoy taking photos as a kid. The whole process of capturing images, developing them and also Instamatic cameras at the time was pure magic to me.

I always made sure we had the camera packed on family holidays but it was not until I bought my first camera around 1999 that I realised, just how much I enjoyed photography. What started out as a hobby soon showed to be my passion and a love to create. I started experimenting with different film and developing photos in the dark room.

I learned as much as I could and did a short-course in Photography. I started taking photos for family and friends and also a wedding here and there.

With limited photographic experience and a basic certificate in photography, I took a leap of faith to start my photography career whilst pursuing another dream, traveling.

I started working as a photographer in the United States of America working for Carnival Cruise Lines. I did two contracts as a photographer gaining skills and knowledge not just in photography, but also with printing in the photo lab.

I then moved to London, United Kingdom where I worked full-time in a lab for two years. During the last year of the two I started doing freelance weddings for a professional studio and in this time, also discovered another dream, becoming a graphic designer.

I returned to South Africa and obtained my BA Graphic Design in 2008.

I have been self-employed since 2010 and specialise in numerous photographic genres along with being a professional graphic designer.

I truly enjoy ‘creating something out of nothing’.